Being happy

Happiness is a state of mind. Whatever makes you happy at this moment could be your cup of tea, could be the view out of a high rise building, could be that job offer, could be that target you met today, could be the first time you did push ups correctly; oh so many things can bring that momentary joy, I truly love the small sprinkles of pure joy, all so beautiful like star dust.

What about when that moment passes.. when that high goes down and you all sober??

I say hang on to that good feeling thought, not necessarily hang on to that thought but to that feeling and look around you, you will start to see things around you in a completely different way. You will find abundance all around you; how blessed you are to have all that you have and how rich your life is. You must look around and find happiness. As it is said happiness is a choice, you can choose to be happy, choose a different thought, choose change.

If you are not happy either accept and move on or choose a conscious train of thought — of change and choose happiness

You know what I wish???

I wish for everyone to find what they are looking for:)

Find that partner, find that friend they can be totally themselves with, find that dream house and make it a home, find the financial security, find that missing piece of puzzle in their life and make it complete, find that self-love and appreciation for themselves and make peace so as to have peace of mind, find that solution to make things that seemed so impossible into several possibilities.

I wish that all find happiness in what they are and how they are with what they have.

Happiness is after all a state of mind

So babe, let’s find happiness together.

As YOU are enough, so mighty yet to humble, so perfect just the way you are.

Just the way you are –

Leap of Faith

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She took a leap of faith and grew her wings on the way down

-David Brinkley

We have moments that change everything, change our thought process, our opinions, our beliefs, our lives, our perspective our everything.

There is that one moment that changes it all. An epiphany.

A journey one might call it. There it is, when most often or not we start procrastinating, the ifs and buts, the what if all falls apart like a house of cards, the fear, the apprehension is so overwhelming at times that we take a step back into our comfort zone.

But do you remember that moment you first had that thought?

Wasn’t it accompanied by a warm feeling of happiness in its possibilities, when the first thought brings you that feeling you must just go for it, what is the worst that could happen, you might be right or you might be wrong, whatever maybe the outcome, more importantly you believed in it enough to try.

When you’re standing at the juncture and you have to make that decision, when that moment arrives believe in yourself, believe the butterflies in your gut and take that leap of faith and let go, just go for it, one step at a time, just one step and the rest, you can cross the bridge when you reach it 🙂

You always have a choice you see, always, you can choose your thoughts, you can choose the direction, you can either think problem oriented or solution oriented. Sometimes you just may never know what the right path is, our own guidance system often known as the gut will help you walk through the bridge of troubled waters.

Ask her out she might say yes, kiss her she may kiss you back, take that job offer it might be the best decision in all aspects, open that restaurant, move to the country, explore, live that dream love, take that chance, try that new path and somewhere down the line you will figure out on how to go about it

My free bird, take that leap of faith, you will not fall honey, you will just fly so high with newly unfolded wings that you will forget why did you ever doubt your dream in the first place.

A line I read someplace “tomorrow can be the beginning of anything you want”, so shall we take that leap of faith??

Forgive thyself

Sometimes we forgot who we really are, I don’t know if it’s certain situations or certain people that lead us away from our own selves or maybe it’s both.

When the doubt creeps your mind about your own abilities and self worth one must go back to basics, the solution always lies in the basics.

Irrespective of how one may think about the distance they have traveled so far, you will always be pulled back if your beliefs have not changed. It is important to heal, to let go, to let it not bother you – not by putting a blanket over it and pretend to forget, but to honestly let it go because it just does not matter anymore.

No one else can define you in any way except your own self. Yes, it is important to find your way back home to your own self. So you did what you thought you should do, sometimes knowingly and other times un knowingly.

So you may not have followed your gut, so you may have done more or less, so you may have taken that decision-that call, so you may have.. so many things and more, but you know what it’s all good.

What you are, where you are, it’s all good. You did what you did for a reason, look into the mirror and smile sweetheart, you made it this far, you should be proud 🙂

It is only when you truly accept that you can forgive, it is only when you forgive that you can forget, it is only when you forget that you can move on, move forward.

It is what it is and it’s ok

Now that does not mean that you must have guards up at all times, once Bitten twice shy, depriving yourself of pure joy that you will have. Let it go babe let it go..

Sit back, make yourself a nice cup of tea and listen to some good old soft rock.

Forgive yourself so that you can love again,Forgive yourself so that you can be happy again,Forgive yourself because you are so much more.

You deserve it all and in the end all that matters is that you get up and continue the pursuit of happiness.

Tea and Conversations

A good cup of tea and an honest conversation can solve anything.

Sitting down with my tea in my favourite mug in the morning is the joyful and fulfilling feeling.

The my time in the balcony or by the window with the morning sounds, that is my favourite part of the day. Now I do not know how my day is going to be but my morning tea sure does put in on a better place.

How wonderful it is when accompanied with a good conversation, speaking of which, when we converse shedding our inhibitions we only bring out the best of us. When we listen to understand and respond to explain it clears the air reinstating the respect,love and understanding for one another, the bond only becomes stronger.

Especially if you are doing it with a cup of tea 😉

Tea and conversations..

We must all give that a try.

Where there is tea there is hope.

Where there is tea there is a possibility of an enjoyable conversation.